• Denise Goodnow

Ballots available for absentee voting in June 16th election

Vermont law requires that school boards get budget approval from the district’s voters. The failure of the proposed school budget at Town Meeting Day means that the Board must put forth a new budget for consideration by voters. 

On Tuesday, June 16th, town clerks will be operating our community’s first election under COVID guidelines. Voters are strongly urged to call or email their town offices to request and use absentee ballots, although in-person voting will be available in each of the towns that day. Absentee ballots are mailed to voters and then returned to town clerks by the day of the election -- whether they are mailed or dropped off. For in-person voting, polling hours and locations have shifted in some towns; all towns will set up structures designed to minimize person-to-person contact. 

The budget before voters is $20,000 less than that presented at Town Meeting Day, however it is based on a series of both temporary and long-term cuts to our current configuration, not on changes to grades or location of students in schools. This proposed budget would increase total expenditures in the district by 3% -- quite a bit less than the nearly 5% average seen across the state. However, because revenues will also increase next year, the actual cost to taxpayers (the “Education Spending”) will be less than this past year by about $100,000. The state’s complicated funding formula means this may still result in a slight property tax increase -- averaging a little less than 3% across the district’s six towns.

The school board has put together extensive information for voters to review and consider, including more about the costs in the budget, the decision-making process, the election, and how to get in touch with town clerks. Click here to find out more or copy this URL in your browser: https://tinyurl.com/y7ffmp75


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