• Denise Goodnow

Why is social distancing important?

The virus spreads when someone breathes in droplets in the air that an infected person sneezes or coughs out. These droplets may also settle onto surfaces and stay there for a period of time. When someone else touches that surface and then touches their mouth, nose or eyes, they may pick up the virus and continue to spread it.

  • We should all be practicing social distancing.

  • Social distancing refers to taking actions to stop or slow down the spread of a contagious disease.

  • For an individual, it refers to maintaining enough distance (6 feet or more) between yourself and another person to avoid getting infected or infecting someone else.

  • One of the reasons that school has closed is to help with social distancing.

  • One of the goals of social distancing is that hospitals will not become overwhelmed caring for sick patients.

How do I practice social distancing?

  • Only go out for essential things.

  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others when you go out and wash your hands when returning home.

  • Avoid playdates, parties, and sleepovers.

  • Avoid having those outside your immediate family in your home.

  • Avoid public playground structures that aren’t cleaned regularly.

What should I do?

  • Long walks or run outside. Maintain 6 feet between you and those outside of your family when you’re out.

  • Exercise indoors when the weather is bad

  • Family soccer game

  • Board games

  • Movie nights

  • Family read-aloud

  • Stay connected virtually

Information from: Coronavirus Resource Center- Social Distancing and other FAQs [Harvard Medical School]

Please share these short videos about social distancing with your child:

Social Distancing [CBC Kids News]

Social Distancing [Hawaii Health Department]


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